How to be a shooter in basketball

Shooting in basketball is the most important skill that a player should have in order to succeed. Dribbling isn’t more important, passing isn’t more important, defense isn’t more important, jumping higher isn’t more important; every player should be able to score. Once you give a ball and a basket to any person, you will notice that the first move is to shoot and try to score. Of course, all the above skills are necessary to become a complete basketball player, but the first to concentrate on is how to become a better shooter.

Shooters are NOT born. They ARE developed. The good news is that every coach can assure you any player can become a good shooter. The bad news is that you must put a lot of effort, hours and hours of training, hundreds of shooting repetitions in the gym, to succeed. Another good news is that this skill can be practiced alone and as much as you are going to practice it, you are going to see fast results.

The question is, how come there are not to many good shooters around? The answer is because not too many persons are willing to put such an immense effort to develop this skill. Are you going to? It’s up to you to be better than others. Any person who wants to be a great basketball player and a good shooter, must invest years of tremendous work for having a great shoot.

So what are the best technique to improve you shooting skills? According to USA Basketball here are the 7 steps you need to follow:

1. Keep the eyes on the target
Forget about ball flight, and do not focus on it. Quickly search for a target near the rim and don’t lose that target. It really does not matter if it’s the entire hoop, the center of the back rim, the center of the front rim, first loop of the net. Choose one of them, the one that you are more conformable with, be consistent and all the time when you shoot just focus on it

2. Concentrate on your stance and even more to your balance
“The key to being a good shooter is balance. Everything follows balance” – Larry Bird.
If you really want to be a best shooter in basketball you need to start with your base. Here are a couple of rules that you can follow:

  • The best position for your feet is the dominant one should be in front. There are shooters that are more comfortable with both feet pointing the basket. It’s really up to you, but be sure you
  • Bend/Flex your knees at every shot
  • Also it is very important for your feet to be shoulder-width apart: if they are to narrow, you won’t be able to keep your balance and if they are too wide, you won’t be able to give hight to your shoot
  • Do not lean on one side or the other – distribute equally the weight of your body

Again, be consistent. Once you find your best position, use it for every shoot you make, so it become a reflex of your body.

3. Analyze Your Grip
The hand you are using to push the shoot, should stay behind the ball and the one that sustain the ball for a balanced shot should be on the side. You should be able to balance the ball with only one hand, that’s why your fingers need to be spread apart and and all finger pads should touch the ball. You need to have a small space between your middle of your palm and the ball, just enough to insert a pen. Exercise this position until it becomes an involuntary move once you receive the ball.

4. Delivery should be very smooth
First, the position of the elbow, should be comfortable under the ball. This will ensure you that the ball will be on the same line with the rim.
Once you are ready, all your body: legs, arms, core should be coordinated in one single move. The ball should move firmly upward. As all other moves above, this is something that evolve with a lot of training.

5. Attention to the upforce
Push in your legs to generate upforce. Be aware that too much force will mean missing the shot. Release the ball just on top of your jump. In order to complete the move and go to the next step, that is following up your shot, you need to land on the same position that you left.

6. Follow up and improve
You should be mentally and physically prepare to take good shoots. Being relaxed is a must. When releasing the ball, the hand should be relaxed. Fingers should pointing the rim. To progress as a basketball shooter you need to improve. First step is to follow the ball until it reaches the rim.

7. Check, correct and improve
Once you made the shot, don’t close your eyes, follow it to the rim. Think of your position, upforce, mechanics, direction, mental strength. See what works and what is not working. See what you can improve. Do better next time. It will help you become a great shooter when paying basketball.

Steph Curry’s Form Shooting

First of all, what is form shooting and how it can improve your shooting stats. Form shooting is a basketball shooting practice, where players have to throw the ball from different sports, varying distances and advanced to the next position only after a number of successful shots. Can be practice either shooting with only one hand or with both (normal shot).

This exercises will improve shooting techniques, shooting mechanics, shooting form. It is used by all coaches and players from youth basketball to college players and professional baskeballers. This does not means it comes easy. Hours and hours of training and preparation are needed to increase your shooting stats and to become a better shooter in basketball.

Here are a couple of tips from Steph Curry’s form shooting training:

  1. Start with easy shots, not far from the paint. This will get you into the rhythm and will give you confidence. Also it will allow you to identify and correct different mistakes
  2. Focus on the mechanics
  3. Once you made a mistake, identify what was wrong, correct, try again and improve
  4. Shot from different positions: front, left, right. These will give you a hint if you are better from one side or the other and you can focus on shots from the side with less results.
  5. Increase your range as you advance to your practice, until you will reach 3 point line.
  6. Set a goal of how many shoots you will make during the practice. Try to reach that goal and adjust it along the way.
  7. As you will face tiredness, both physic and mental, try to keep your scoring percentages. Your condition will start compare with a game one so is important to keep your level up.

In the end here are the rules to become a shooter in basketball:

  1. Practice….a lot!
  2. Work on your technique. Be patient, analyze and adjust
  3. Prepare yourself mentally for the games. It is not enough to be good in practice. Do not be afraid to shoot during the games.

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